Master Plan Community Consulting

One of the areas of consulting in which MarketPointe truly shines is the insight it provides on Master Planned Communities. Generally, Master Plans are distinguished by the tremendous number of amenities and conveniences, and the over-all enormous land area the community encompasses in a Master-Planned Community. For example, because of their sheer size, Master-Planned Communities (MPC) generally incorporate extensive recreational amenities like lakes, golf courses, and expansive parks with bike paths, and jogging trails as well retail and commercial land to enhance potential homebuyers overall quality of life. Alternatively, the typical subdivision may have an occasional smaller park or recreation area, and the size of the local neighborhood will be much smaller than found in a Master-Planned Community.

MarketPointe Realty Advisors, Inc. utilizes its extensive information found in Residential Trends and Land Tracker products to help their developer clients understand the many subtle market related differences found in the marketplace between Master Plans and stand-alone subdivisions. First, utilizing our Residential Trends database we are able to determine the level of segmentation within existing and sold out MPCs within a defined market area and compare those levels of segmentation against the segmentation provided by stand-alone subdivisions. Next, we are able to evaluate, if and to what extent, pricing differentials exist between various Master Planned Communities and stand-alone subdivisions, currently and from an historical perspective. Next, we can focus in on determining if and to what extent pricing differential exist for specific lot size categories and unit sizes ranges to help in the fine tuning of the MPC. Finally we are able to determine, if and to what extent, absorption differs between Master Planned Communities and stand-alone subdivisions. Utilizing our Land Tracker database we are able to determine the levels of potential future competition within a defined market area from both a MPC and stand-alone perspective providing input as to the segmentation of those planned developments.

After analyzing all the statistical data, the staff at MarketPointe Realty Advisors is able to draw on their decades of experience and involvement with past Master Planned Communities to be a valuable team resource in the design of your next Master Planned Community.

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