Commercial/Industrial Market Studies

In order to serve the full range of development activities for builders and developers, MarketPointe Realty Advisors has assembled a team of experienced professionals to evaluate the market opportunities for industrial and commercial products. Our Commercial/Industrial Feasibility Studies include the evaluation of industrial, retail, office, hotel and recreational properties.

Our scope of services includes the following:

  • Identify development pipeline product
  • Determination of niche that subject property will fill
  • Profile of product users
  • Detailed recommendations of product type, common area features, amenities and parking recommendations
  • Product pricing and absorption pace

Primary services provided in a typical Commercial/Industrial Feasibility Study include:

Competitive Research — An in-depth analysis of competitors within the market area is conducted to evaluate their market positioning and the product characteristics that have led to their success or failure. Existing competitive projects are analyzed and described in terms of product design, pricing, location, features and amenities, highway access, buyer/tenant profiles, overall market acceptance, financing, and any other salient characteristics. In addition, interviews with city and county agencies are conducted to determine the scale and type of competitive projects being proposed for future development.

Economic Research — Economic analysis provides a specific forecast of the demand for industrial or commercial space. This information is utilized to quantify the scale of a given market opportunity. Utilizing employment growth forecasts, specific square footage figures are formulated for the annual demand of industrial, retail, and office space within a given market area. Employment activity is assessed because it is the direct generator of demand for new non-residential building space. Future employment expansion is analyzed by industry and sector, then translated into market requirements for new commercial and industrial space according to historical usage patterns for each industry category.

Consumer Research — The knowledge acquired from direct consumer research is invaluable to any study, regardless of type or scope. When determining a buyer or tenant profile or formulating product design criteria, what better way to understand the consumer's attitudes and desires than to go straight to the source. Consumer research allows for the accurate analysis of the most specific information that can be obtained for a particular market opportunity.

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