We need to have a market research on pricing trends.


So if we find a way to do market research and get the rental information that we need we can make a decision on if we should purchase the property. 

The builders in California were talking about new home trends.


The California builders were at the table next to ours and they were discussing new home trends and the market. 

New home trends are usually started in California.


California is known for being trend setters and new home trends are no different. 

California builders need to keep up with new home trends


California is all about trends so new home trends are no different and california builders need to be up to date on them.

We are looking to purchase real estate but need to get some pricing


We really are open to real estate in more than one state.

California builders that are up on new home trends


New home trends play a part in how california builders design their homes.

New home sales are beginning to rise.


New home sales seem to be one of the trends. 

California builders sometimes need assistance


New real estate markets can be a hard thing to understand.

Sales Trend Research


 I went online to find statistics specialist to analyze our sales trends. It turned out to be one of the smartest things I have ever done.

Market Pointe is the ultimate source of real estate information in Southern California


Perhaps only Tokyo has seen the same type of booms and busts in real estate values that Southern California has experienced in the last 25 years.