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ResidentialTrends, created by MarketPointe Realty Advisors, is the only product or database with more than 25 years of continuous quarterly auditing. This quarterly publication provides real estate professionals and financial institutions with precise and timely residential housing pricing and absorption trends for all of the major markets of Southern California.

ResidentialTrends provides real estate professionals with an awareness of housing alternatives currently finding consumer acceptance or rejection and identifies existing market voids.

ResidentialTrends will enable the real estate professional to plan a more competitive, consumer-oriented product, and enhance their ability to create product for an evolving marketplace based upon the changing dynamics of that market area.

This comprehensive housing report is a vital resource for homebuilders, developers, lenders, appraisers and other real estate professionals who want to maximize their chances for success by having access to an unbiased, accurate, and up-to-date reporting of major market trends in California’s dynamic housing market.

How MarketPointe Obtains Its Information

Professional research analysts continually compile data through on-site detailed interviews with sales representatives at each development. The future proposed supply data is a result of working with city and county governmental agencies involved in each step of the planning sequence.

Demonstration and Tutorials
> MarketPointe has significantly improved ResidentialTrends and LandTracker software. To view the most updated software versions, please contact one of our offices.

Utilize Google Earth to look at New Home Projects
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> Instructions -- Adobe Acrobat .pdf file (3 MB)

ResidentialTrends covers the following areas:
• San Diego County
• San Bernardino County
• Los Angeles County
• Santa Clarita/Antelope Valley
• Ventura County
• Orange County
• West Riverside County
• East Riverside County
• Imperial County
• Kern County (NEW)

Key features of ResidentialTrends include:

  • Market Area Map — Offers a geographical perspective.
  • Executive Summary — Interpreting the market in general, with a close look at sales, pricing, inventory trends, what's new, leading products, and future supply.
  • Development Critiques — A detailed profile of each development in the market area providing pricing, sales criteria, square footage and bedroom and bath configurations for each plan offered. Specific listings of features and recreational facilities are also included in conjunction with financing and several years of pricing and sales history.
  • Floor Plans — A special feature of ResidentialTrends is the inclusion of project floor plans in the first issue in which the project appears.
  • Per Plan Perspective of the DevelopmentResidentialTrends defines each plan in a project by describing its price range, size, price per square foot, and a physical description of the plan (including family rooms, kitchen dining, master retreats, sitting areas, location of fireplaces and laundry facilities).
  • Price Analysis — Summary of all sold and unsold units offered in the market area, categorized by bedroom count, square footage and price range.
  • Feature Analysis — An overall listing of features offered by developments in the market area.
  • Development Summary Analysis — A summary of all developments within the market region, categorized by community and providing detailed price and square foot ranges, sales and inventory, lot sizes and/or density.
  • Proposed Development Data — Pertinent information about future supply alternatives within the market area.

The Results:
  • Profiles of each surveyed project
  • Sales per week per floor plan analysis allows precise comparisons
  • Trend analysis of each submarket
  • Escrow closings
  • Developer sales incentive programs
  • Features per plan (ie: dens, nooks, family rooms, retreats, fireplaces)
  • Phase releases
  • Average sales price & square footage for each plan
  • Pre-programmed reports for easy analysis

Complimentary Companion Software
Companion Computer Software is an Excel® based program used to analyze competitive new “for sale” residential projects in only seconds. With a few keystrokes, users can analyze competitive products for large or small market regions.

Companion Computer Software is included at no additional charge with every subscription to ResidentialTrends.

Benefits of using ResidentialTrends with the Companion Software:

  • Users can compare current and historical absorption rates of different types of housing product.
  • Offers real time analysis because you can add projects that have come on the market between audits. Add your proposed project for quick price point positioning graphs with a click of the mouse.
  • Allows the user to target comparable projects on a plan specific, community or sub-market basis, relative to price, square footage, price per square foot, lot size/density, number of units sold and unsold, land remaining for development, rate of sales, and many other key criteria.
  • Conduct a preliminary analysis to assess supply and demand and avoid the pitfall of developing the wrong product for the market.
  • Create charts and graphs in minutes. Use the custom pivot table for a quick look at market opportunities. For example, analyze by city and lot size - results give weighted average price, square footage, price per square foot, and number offered, sold, and unsold. User may also search by price points. You set the parameters and manipulate the date to fit your individual needs.

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